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Felix K Gmuender

I have a Master's degree in Microbiology/Biochemistry and a PhD in Biotechnology from ETH Zurich. I am also a trained clinical microbiologist and a registered biosafety professional in the USA.

In 1990 I became head of the safety department at Basler & Hofmann Ingenieure und Planer AG in Zurich. I specialised in industrial and chemical hazards and their risk analysis in the context of the enforcement of the Major Accidents Ordinance, as well as occupational safety and biosafety.

From 2003, I worked as a biosafety consultant in South East Asia, and from 2006 to 2015 I lived and worked in Singapore. Now, I work for Basler & Hofmann Switzerland as an international biosafety consultant and laboratory planner for safety and high containment laboratories (BSL-3 and BSL-4).

In my spare time, I have been a swimming instructor for beginners and a coach for swimmers up to international elite level for many years. I myself was one of the top ten masters swimmers in the world. I still swim a few laps when work allows. My tips and advice pages on Swimclinic.ch have been very well received.
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