4 base skills required for fast swimming: Posture - Line - Balance - Propulsion

US Olympic coach Richard Quick discusses the four base skills required for fast swimming: Posture - Line - Balance - Propulsion

This page shows swimming tips and advice for the passionate to the elite level swimmer, as well as masters and triathletes.

The topics include swimming technique, training principles, and advice on health, nutrition, immune defense, and medical issues swimmers may ake interest in.

Felix Gmünder has developed the tips and advice pages for Limmatsharks, a swimming club based in Zurich, Switzerland, previously known under the name Schwimmverein Limmat.



Swimming Technique, Training Principles

* Analysis of Grant Hackett's and Ian Thorpe's Swimming Technique
* Swim Like a Fish: Gennadi Touretski explains the secrets of Popov and Klim
* Swimming faster with perfect posture and floating
* Why The Right Body Position is Crucial
* Basic Drills to Learn Balance and Body Position
* How to float in Swimming.Floating is THE basic skill for swimming.
* Learn to Swim Freestyle More Efficiently
* Elbows High
* The secret of Ian Thorpe's blistering speed
* Rock 'n' Roll in Swimming: Analysis of Rhythms in Crawl and Butterfly Strokes
* How sprinters should work out
* Swimming Speed and Stroke Length
* Swimming Stroke Mechanics Parameter
* Timing of Armstroke in Freestyle Swimming
* Backstroke Swimming with Nick Thoman
* Backstroke Swimming but Perfect: Why is Lenny Krayzelburg so fast?
* What does front quadrant swimming mean?
* Learn From Nature's Competitive Swimmers: Creating Waves is a Waste of Energy
* The respiration as a performance-limiting factor?
* Does restricted breathing have benefits? (hypoxic training)
* Swimming: Propulsion Through Drag or Lift?
* Strength training for age-group and adolescent swimmers
* Timing of strength and endurance training
* Hand paddles in swimming
* Sculling using paddles
* Fins and Flippers in Swimming
* Pull Buoy: Don't touch the crutch - it might hurt your swimming much!
* Beepers help swimmers to find their rhythm.
* How to learn the flip turn in freestyle swimming?
* How to do the flip turn in freestyle swimming?
* Modern Breaststroke Swimming with Kurt Grote as an Example
* Breaststroke Kick with Tara Kirk as an Example
* Butterfly Swimming with Jenny Thompson
* Butterfly Swimming with Michael Phelps
* Detail of Butterfly Kick (Dolphin Kick)
* Drill to learn wavelike swimming techniques (breaststroke, butterfly)
* The new breaststroke pulldown. Videoclips by Swimming World Magazine [Link Breaststroke Pull Down]
* Swimming Books
* Swimming Videos
* How did the forward start develop since 1883?
* Evaluation Procedure fot the Analysis of Swimming Technique
* Australian Institute of Sports: Zeros into Swimming Heros
* It is little wonder that Australia once again dominated the men's freestyle events at the most recent Olympic Games. It is a direct result of its sound knowledge of mechanics and effective technique: A Superior Model for Swimming Success
* New Australian Sprint Training Method (1. April 2004)
* Swim Clinics and Use of Video Analysis

Robert Boder's "A brief and basic competitive swimming stroke clinic handout": Explaining strokes basics in terms that are easy to understand and remember. Learn and execute what is here to swim faster with less effort. Great swimmers are fast not because they are stronger. They are fast because they move further using less energy [Download].
* SwimPsychology.com: The mental training resource for swimmers
* How many training sessions should my daughter or son do each week?
* Which part of the workout is the biggest challenge?
* FINA Swimwear Requirements
* About Wetsuits and Bodysuits
* The bodysuit reconsidered
* Does Swimwear Make You Fast?
* Save our sport! Bodysuits: The serious threat to the very nature of competitive swimming
* Bodysuits: Evidence of a hoax?
* Alarm Clocks Ring in Speedo-Land
* No pain no gain - is it true?
* Taper (Tapering): How to prepare for the race
* Warming-up
* Swimming Down
* Tips for Competitions by Athletes, by Aimee Berzins und Adam Shmitt
* Swimming with music
* Music Before You Race
* Active or passive recovery between swimming sprints?
* How to plan swimming training for unattached swimmers
* Swim Training for Triathlon
* High-Altitude Training
* Deconditioning: How quickly do I lose fitness when I stop training?
* Successful English Channel Swimming: A Psychological Perspective
* Channel Swimming–Roberta Bernet's personal report
* How to prepare for long distance swim
* Can Overtraining Stunt Growth?
* Tropical instead of high-altitude training?
* Overtraining


Swimming: General Information

* Factor Affecting Swimming Peak Performance in Olympic Games
* Best Drafting Distance in Swimming
* Effect of viscosity on swimming velocity (swimming in syrup)
* Effect of water temperature on swimming performance
* Winter swimming: healthy or hazardous?
* Does swimming make you fat?
* Swimming and Fat Reduction
* Loss of Fat and Body Mass During Long-Distance Swimming
* Swimming with infants and toddlers / Baby swimming
* Age-Dependent Declining Swimming Performance
* Swimming Performance and Ageing I
* Swimming Performance and Ageing II
* Athletic performance and age: Beat the Clock
* How to protect your hair from chlorine - everything you wanted to know about swim caps
* Swimming Goggles
* The Smart Swimming Goggles
* Ocean Swimming: The Most Significant Hazards
* Swimming Pool and Swim Training Etiquette
* Who Invented Circle Swimming?
* Swimming straight is more important than you think
* Effect of Pool Length on Blood Lactate, Heart Rate, and Velocity in Swimming
* Development of Swimming Strokes
* Speedo: At 75, still looking trim
* History of Swimwear
* Is swimming underrepresented in movies?
* Which coach has most swimmers in the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF)? / Link ISHOF
* When for the first time women could compete in swimming at Olympic games and who raced for the first gold medal?


Nutrition for Sport

* Update Sports Nutrition Abstract of a conference at ETH Zürich, 25 February 2005
* Applied sports nutrition: Many athletes are undernourished or malnourished. Abstract of a conference at ETH Zürich, 20.-21. March 2003
* Online dietary and physical activity assessment
* Post-exercise nutrition
* Rehydration Tips for Swimmers
* Vitamins in Sport
* Do supplements have a beneficial effect on swimming?
* Is there an vitamin overdose?
* Is eating between meals good for our health?
* Swimming Performance After Caffeine Consumption
* Caffeine impairs performance
* Chocolate - is it healthy?
* I have leg cramps: Why and what can I do?
* Susie O'Neill's Honey, Orange & Almond Rice Pudding
* What is food fiber good for?


Swimming, Sports: Medicine, Health, and Science

* Limits to Swimming World Records?
* Gender-specific Differences in Anaerobic Swimming Performance 1952-2006
* Swimmer's shoulder: Anatomical background, causes and prevention
* Stretching exercises for swimmers
* Rotator cuff and shoulder blade muscels: selected strengthening exercises to stabilise the shoulder joint.
* Stretching: Pain and no gain?
* Is Stretching Necessary? Update 2010
* Edwin Moses: Competitive Athletics at the age of 48? What senior athletes can learn from the greatest hurdler.
* Risks of pain relievers in sports
* How to prevent swimmer's ear
* Why do I often have a headache following my swimming workout?
* Why do I have to run for the toilet when I'm swimming?
* Side Stitches
* Sports and Immunity: Does sports impair the immune system?
* Swimming: Fountain of Youth
* Osteoporosis: Swimming and Waterfitness alone do not prevent it
* Which Life Time Sport is Best?
* Is Creatine of any Help for Swimmers?
* Should you shed a few pounds? Or should you rather eat more?
* Do Sport and Better Sleep Go Hand-in-Hand?
* Chlorine and Water Treatment
* Asthma and Swimming
* Exercise-Induced Asthma in Swimming: Symptoms and Treatment
* Do asthma inhalers have an effect?
* How much water do we ingest when we swim?
* How to Prevent Athlete's Foot
* Can I swim with a cold, with fever?
* Intensive swimming training does not harm the autonomic nerve system of prepubertal swimmers

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